A woman wearing a feathered headdress sits at a red table surrounded by plastic skeletons in headdresses.

In Search of a More Equitable Thanksgiving

Joy Wetzel, SCA Interpretive Ranger As Thanksgiving once again approaches to usher in the holiday season, disputes regarding the ethics of Thanksgiving are sure to resurface. Giving thanks is not an intrinsically political act, nor is it strictly American. Harvest festivities are practiced around the world. For instance, the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival has a millennia-long […]

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Hibernation, Migration, and More; How Animals Survive Winter in New Hampshire.

Rebecca Durinick, SCA Interpretive Ranger Come winter time, animals only have a couple strategies to deal with the cold. The three main methods are to leave (migrate), sleep (hibernate), and adapt (metabolism, insulation, etc.). In this blog post, we will discuss some of the costs and benefits of these strategies. New Hampshire has a range […]

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