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The Division of Parks and Recreation has received ARPA funds to replace and upgrade signage along Franconia Notch Parkway

The Division of Parks and Recreation received ARPA funds to install missing signage and upgrade existing signage along the Franconia Notch Parkway. In November, Lincoln Sign Company, Lincoln NH was awarded a contract for $96,000 to fabricate and install 9 new gallows style signs and replace the 6 “Welcome to” and “Leaving” Franconia Notch State […]

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Monarch Migration: From the White Mountains to Mexico

Krystal Daniele- SCA NH Corps- Discover the Power of Parks Interpretive Ranger 3,000 Miles from home New Hampshire is home to over 100 different species of butterflies. Eastern Swallowtails, White Admirals, Karner Blues, and so many more. So why is the Monarch butterfly so important? Every year Monarchs migrate 3,000 miles from New Hampshire to […]

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