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New Hampshire’s Quest for Adventure: Discover the Power of Parks, Fire Towers and Lake Explorers

Greta Ketchner – SCA NH Corps – Discover the Power of Parks Interpretive Ranger Are you looking to explore beautiful spots in New Hampshire this summer? Do you want to learn more about nature and the animals native to New Hampshire? Do you enjoy hiking to places with a bird’s eye view? Are you fond […]

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Rhododendron Bloom Report: June 17, 2022

As the “garden variety” rhododendrons are a bit past “peak” bloom and winding down, the native Rhododendron maximus found in Fitzwilliam, N H are still almost a month away from full bloom. It will by no means be a banner year for the blooms at the grove, but still a pretty good show. Starting about the second week in July and (depending on the weather) lasting a week or two, the flowers will be out in fu

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Hiking to Eagle Pass in Winter

hile Franconia Notch remains one of the most popular hiking destinations in the state – there are still a few under utilized and less appreciated routes within the park that offer the same spectacular scenery this park is known for. One example is the hike up to Eagle Pass which brings you to a an extraordinary view near the base of Eagle Cliff without having to summit Mt Lafayette or even climb above treeline.

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