Sunset Hike at Goose Pond in Keene

A walk at sunset is a beautiful way to close the day.

I was still recovering from being ill last weekend, so I was looking for some light, restorative exercise. I decided to visit Goose Pond, one of my favorite spots in Keene, and I brought my video camera with me.

It was an especially lovely evening. Everything was still wet from the afternoon rain, which made the birds and frogs very happy. On my walk around the pond I found some beautiful wild irises in bloom. I also met some slugs, who were cheerfully munching through some mushrooms.

I was feeling very refreshed on my way back to the car. And then, just as I was leaving, a beaver swam by on his way to find breakfast. He appeared a few moments later lazily floating near the shore and chewing on a log.

It was a pretty cool moment, one that I won’t forget. And I’m glad I have an opportunity to share it with you:

Your Turn:

What are your favorite things about hiking at dusk? Do you have a favorite spot?



Jackie Raiford, New Hampshire State Parks Intern

I'm a graduate student working towards my Masters in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England. My research interests include the conservation of urban green spaces for the physical and psychological health of communities. I lived for the first 24 years of my life in Rockville, Maryland just north of Washington D.C. I have traveled a little both domestically and abroad, and lived for six months in Australia. I also work as a dance and fitness instructor, and am certified by the American Council on Exercise.

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