Why we run (in the rain)

When you live somewhere as weather obsessed as New England, you’re bound to have the occasional rainy weekend. We know that when it “rains on your parade” sometimes you have to parade-on with a raincoat or pack a change of clothes and go for it anyways. Don’t let it ruin your day. Rain is the reason why our forests are so green and that we have over 300 lakes and rivers in New Hampshire. Obviously, everything is better in moderation though.

Some people welcome the excuse to catch up on their television shows or curl up on a comfy cushion and get lost in a good book. I know that when Mother Nature decided to rain on my two days off this past weekend, The Templar Legacy that was tempting me from its seat on my bookshelf was just going to have to wait.

I beat the impending forecast with a warm-up run on Bear Brook’s Cascade Trail then I woke the next morning to pounding rain and thunder. I said to myself, “This is a great day for the Over the River and Through the Woods 5K Run for Animals in Concord,” and so I went. Then my weekend ended nicely on Sunday with a couple hikes to three different waterfalls in and near Franconia Notch State Park. All three falls were raging. We were drenched just standing near them from the spray.

I was having fun experimenting with Windows Movie Maker for the second time ever. Sorry if I went effect-crazy. Enjoy!

– Michele, NH State Park Blogger



Who in their right mind would sign up for a 200 mile race? That’s what the Reach the Beach Race relay organizers asked the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation when they generously offered the Division a relay team. Twelve crazy runners jumped at the opportunity. We may not be in the right mind, but we are always in the adventure mind! Our team name is the NH State Park Bloggers which means that we have blogging to do. We will keep you up-to-date with pictures and video using our new GoPro camera on our training progress throughout the summer and into the fall. We all agreed that we should use this opportunity to create awareness for a serious problem facing outdoor enthusiasts throughout the country; New Hampshire especially and that is Lyme Disease. We will do as much as we can throughout the summer to promote awareness, safety, prevention, and to work with Lyme Disease foundations to learn what more can do to make our woods safer.

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