Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 19, 2018

By: Tom Fischer, Interpretive Ranger at Monadnock State Park

In the absence of the illustrious Ted Lenk, I will endeavor to write the world a quick bloom report for Rhododendron State Park.

As of this week, the blooms seem to finally be in full swing at Rhododendron. However, as Ted observed in his previous report, there seems to be more vegetative growth this year than flowering buds.

Although the majority of the buds are in full bloom, there are still those that are dragging their feet and others that are racing ahead. I have seen one or two rhododendron that are already in the later stages of flowering, as well as one or two that were just beginning to make their way out of their buds.

Even though the new growth has detracted somewhat from the floral display, there are still plenty of blooms out, especially for those with a keen eye. One group of visitors came to me after their tour of the park and told me to encourage everyone to “walk through the park twice”, claiming that it was only on the second viewing that they realized how many rhododendrons were really out there. Another tip I received from a group was to look up, many of the blooms are just above eyeline and could be missed.

The above picture is a sure sign that Rhododendron blooms are overhead, and a reminder to come visit Rhododendron State Park before the bloom is gone.


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4 thoughts to “Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 19, 2018”

  1. We were there Sunday, and there were a lot of dried old buds/flowers. We called first, and were told past bloom by staff who had been out there and that most were already gone. So this conflicts with what we heard and then saw???

  2. I agree with John. We just got back from a visit this afternoon and saw a lot of dried old buds and very few that were ready to bloom and very few blooms. This week was/is mid-July. Next week will be considered late-July. I honestly was disappointed that Tom’s July 19 bloom report called the park “full bloom.” Don’t know where he was walking because we were on the Rhododendren Trail. BUT it was still a beautiful afternoon 🙂

  3. We were there today 7/20/18. Saw a few blooms, but we were disappointed. Felt the July 19th report was misleading. Sign at park says full bloom mid July, did not see that. Guess we are going to try again next year, maybe a little earlier. I think it will be beautiful when seen at the right time.

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