Pure Tranquility at White Lake State Park

While driving down White Mountain Highway (Route 16) on a brisk Thanksgiving eve, I proceeded to take a left onto State Park Road in Ossipee, New Hampshire. As the road narrows, pine trees thicken on either side, suggesting that I had arrived at a peaceful place. At road’s end I discovered the glacial depression known as White Lake.

Looking out from the sandy beach of White Lake State Park not a hint of humanity could been seen. Large white pines tower over the calm waters and appear to become one with the lake. Considering the rapid development on our lakes nowadays it was a relief to see a body of water with such absolute preservation.

Rowboat, canoe or kayak might be the best way to experience the benefits of White Lake. Enclosed shores help to reduce powerful winds and allow for comfortable paddling through smooth water. White Lake also happens to be perfectly sized for thorough exploration by watercraft without having to paddle too far from shore. While it’s rare to pursue water sports so close to winter, White Lake is an ideal venue for this activity. The shining sun and exercise of rowing was enough to warm me up considerably from the cool temperatures.

The familiar sight of Mount Chocorua’s jagged summit poking out over the Ossipee range adds a certain mystique to this body of water and gives White Lake State Park a unique sense of place.

A walking trail which goes around the circumference of the lake also makes for great nature walks. At approximately two miles in distance, the path allows walkers to view the lake from several different angles while exercising.

From my canoe, a pair of loons joined me on the lake this day. Just as I tried to snap a picture of them, the sound of my paddle hitting water scared them off. Their wings flapped above the glassy water and before I had a chance it was too late. Later, from shore, I got lucky and spotted the couple again slowly gliding across the surface. It’s understandable why White Lake is a desirable destination for both wildlife and people alike with its crystal clear waters and well preserved shoreline. I even spotted a man-made nest designed just for loons (or other waterfowl).

Man-made Loon Lounge!

The pure tranquility and beauty I discovered at White Lake State Park has made it my favorite NH State Park to visit thus far.




Hi all, nice to meet you, I’m Andrew Keohan a Business and Tourism major up at Plymouth State University. For those of you not familiar with the small college town of Plymouth, it’s nestled beneath the towering wilderness of the White Mountains, a perfect spot to be for outdoor adventure. In my final year at Plymouth, I am excited and looking forward to blogging for the NH State Parks. When I am out on weekend adventures, I will be going to parks and recreation areas I am familiar with and others I don’t have a clue about. My goal is to give my blog readers an experience of what it is actually like to go to these parks and make you want to get up and get outdoors in the beauty of what New Hampshire has to offer. Hopefully, I will blog about places you had no idea existed, if not, well they are still worth going to again! If I can get just a couple of my readers to go out and want to experience the places I have been than I’ve done my job!

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  1. Just wanted to let people know white lake is a park I have been experiencing since I was a small child, and now I am returning this year with my grandchildren. I hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

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