Monadnock Trails Report 11.21.12


Here is a quick pre-Thanksgiving report from the Monadnock Trails this week.

The trails are all in good shape following a week’s worth of favorable November weather, which will mostly continue through the holiday and weekend.

Turkey Day (would it be Tofurkey Day for us vegetarians?) and Black Friday look like they will be great days to hike. Mostly sunny conditions and daytime temperatures reaching into the upper 40’s at the base of the mountain are expected.

Rain could move into the Region for Friday night into Saturday. Sunday looks clear in the current forecast, but temperatures will only get into the mid 30’s.

Hikers will still need to be prepared with warm layers and adequate food and water. If rain falls on Friday or Saturday, ice could be a factor for climbers afterwards. Call the Park for the most up-to-date conditions.

Staff will be available at Monadnock HQ to collect day use fees and offer visitor services Thursday, Friday, and the weekend.

Monadnock’s summit in the clouds for sunrise, 11.18.12

I wish you all a great upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and hope to see some of you on Monadnock’s trails.

Many of you may know that Thanksgiving was proclaimed as a National Holiday in 1863 by my hero, Abraham Lincoln. But, you may not know that it was actually Secretary of State, William Seward, who drafted the proclaimation. Its a brilliant piece. I’m sure you can unearth it somewhere on Google.

Whatever you are thankful for or whomever you are thankful to, remember to reflect on it and express it more than just one day a year.


Patrick Hummel, Mount Washington State Park

As the Park Manager of Mount Washington State Park, I oversee and manage the operations of the 60 acres of the summit of Mount Washington; the highest peak in the northeast US at 6,288'. Our Park is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year and is sometimes referred to as the "Home of the World's Worst Weather". Previously, I served as the NH State Parks Volunteer Program Manager and before that, the Park Manager at Monadnock State Park, home to the most climbed mountain in the Western Hemisphere. IG= @topofthenortheast

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