Predators & Prey Animals

Predators & Prey Worksheets

These four activities can be done as a series or individually. They are all worksheet based, and help students build up their understanding of what predators and prey are, as well as the different adaptations of predator and prey animals. The fifth file contains a vocabulary sheet that will help students complete these activities.

  1. Predator-Prey Interactions
  2. Reading a Skull: Predator and Prey Differences
  3. Predator and Prey Drawing Activity
  4. What’s for dinner? (worksheet)
  5. Predator-Prey Vocabulary List

Predators & Prey Slideshow and Worksheet

This lesson contains a narrated slideshow and a worksheet that pairs with the slideshow. These materials teach students about some animals native to New Hampshire and adaptations that they have as predators or prey, as well as how they fit together into food chains.

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