Strange things we think of while running.

When you drive past a runner on the road or pass someone moving at a good pace on a trail, you are most likely observing their form, physical endurance, speed, attire, and any number of physical characteristic… The act of running, however, is as much a mental workout as it is a physical workout. Skilled runners know how to block out what they need to stay focused. A tired mind can make for a tired body; therefore, it is important for a runner to stay positive and disciplined. This is why many advanced runners recommend that athletes consider doing yoga to keep their internal state-of-being in check and to better understand their physical capabilities.

Our NH State Park Bloggers shared some of the thoughts that go their minds while running… (and some of the bloggers probably should consider taking up yoga). Enjoy this short video!

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Who in their right mind would sign up for a 200 mile race? That’s what the Reach the Beach Race relay organizers asked the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation when they generously offered the Division a relay team. Twelve crazy runners jumped at the opportunity. We may not be in the right mind, but we are always in the adventure mind! Our team name is the NH State Park Bloggers which means that we have blogging to do. We will keep you up-to-date with pictures and video using our new GoPro camera on our training progress throughout the summer and into the fall. We all agreed that we should use this opportunity to create awareness for a serious problem facing outdoor enthusiasts throughout the country; New Hampshire especially and that is Lyme Disease. We will do as much as we can throughout the summer to promote awareness, safety, prevention, and to work with Lyme Disease foundations to learn what more can do to make our woods safer.

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