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Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 8, 2022

Hi Folks-

It looks to me as though this weekend will be a good opportunity to see lots of flowers blooming at Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam, NH. There will still be lots of blooms to see next weekend as well, with the “peak bloom” happening this coming mid-week or so. Of course, out by the bridge at the back of the Rhododendron Loop Trail most of the earlier flower clusters will be gone by, but there will be enough still out there to make it worth your while.
It is generally not such a spectacular show this year, but still worth the trip to the grove. You can see last year’s flower husks and judge from that how last year was a heavier bloom.

This is all normal, and to be expected. In this stand of native rhododendron, unlike the improved cultivars, not every year is a big one. Also, unlike the improved cultivars that have been intentionally bred to bloom all at once, the bloom at the grove is often spread out over a month or so.
Remember to be prepared for lots of bugs in the grove!

Until next week,

Ted Lenk

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