Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 23, 2021

Hi folks-

As you can see from the pictures taken today, the show is still on at the grove in Fitzwilliam. Perhaps the cool wet July weather has extended the bloom time. Or not. This year has been showier than most. That being said, the main event is almost over. This weekend will be the last good one, but there will still be a few flowers to see by mid August.

A good example of the variation in bloom timing-they do not all bloom at once.

A reminder – these are native plants. Rhododendron maximus is the species. They were never part of any human owned estate. They are naturally occurring. They will all be mostly white when the flowers are fully opened. Only when the buds are unfolding will you see some pink. A few flowers here and there might retain some of that pink color when they are fully open. Look for that.

Many flowers are past already, but still plenty to see in bloom.

Another reminder – the mosquitos are thick, so prepared.

A close up view of a flower cluster that shows a collection of green dots. These dots can be seen on every flower. Are they a signal? A target for foragers (“pollinators”)?

Until next week,
Ted Lenk


Ted Lenk

Ted Lenk is an NH State Park Volunteer who checks in regularly at Rhododendron State Park.

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