Nansen Milan Winter Recreation

Passing by the Milan Lumber Company, I knew I was headed in the right direction…

Located just outside the North Country hub of Berlin, Milan Hill State Park is well worth the drive. The park is home to Nansen Ski Club (oldest ski club in America) where cross-country skiing and other winter sports have been a way of life since 1872.

The Nansen trail network is groomed by a state of the art Bombardier snow-cat (once used at the Salt Lake City Olympics, 2002) demonstrating just how much pride the club takes in their 12+ km of classic cross-country paths around Milan Hill. The trails are also exceptionally well-drained, allowing early snow to stick around and stay longer into the season. This year, Nansen Ski Club is even collaborating with abutting land owners to add even more groomed ski terrain.

A fresh coat of sparkling powder greeted me upon arrival, allowing me to glide swiftly across the trails, leaving virgin tracks behind. Milan Hill provides a wide variety of trails for skiers of all abilities. As a beginner – I loved the generous trail width which permitted safe passage down the small hills while maintaining a rush of adrenaline.

From the Ranger Cabin, temperatures read just below 20 degrees proving to be just right for skiing. Even with the sun shining, I never felt overly warm from my cardio workout.

Climbing the Fire Tower is a MUST DO at Milan Hill State Park since it provides maximum reward for minimal work. From the top I got some of the most outstanding views I have ever seen in New Hampshire!

On any given day, you can get a complete view of the ranges in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Canada.

From the Fire Tower – I proceeded off of Core Loop and onto 2nd Extension Loop. Along the way we spotted the Milan Hill State Park yurts (portable, wood-framed dwellings) on the side of the trail. Having never seen one before, I took a peak inside and discovered what might be considered a luxury campsite. In summer the yurts are available for reservation as part of the Milan Hill State Park Campground.

Feeling fulfilled after exploring all the trails Milan has to offer, my mother and I finished the day by signing the Nansen Ski Club’s guest register book. The more people that are recorded coming to Milan the more funding Nansen receives for grooming and other costs – so be sure to sign when you visit!

As we left the park in late-afternoon, we debated whether or not to go back to the Fire Tower for sunset. Ultimately, deciding YES was a wise idea! The Fire Tower can be walked too for those skied-out for the day.

Here is the Mahoosuc Range a northern extension of the White Mountains and borders with Maine. The pointy peak just right of center is Goose Eye, Old Speck (fourth highest peak in Maine) is to the north, and Mt. Success to south (right).

Prior to my visit, I asked this question of Nansen’s Club President Leane Rexford:

“Milan Hill State Park is quite far away…why should people from around the state venture here instead of going to other local cross-country ski trails near their home?”

Her answer was impressive, noting the numerous benefits of Milan:

“It is not crowded,  and it’s very affordable, as folks pay by donation. Also, for me personally, I love the general scene, folks ski on really old skis with 3 pin bindings, or newer skate skis and its comfortable for all. You’ll see racing tights and wooly pants on skiers at Milan Hill State Park. I think that makes it a less intimidating scene for new skiers. We are all about getting out and playing in the snow, and having fun on the trails. The club also has a growing supply of used ski equipment that we make available free of charge for members and their guests.”

After my experience at Milan Hill – I couldn’t agree more!

Exciting times at Milan are on their way with the 3rd Annual Nansen Milan Winter Festival coming up in just a couple weeks! It will be a great time to check out this park.




Hi all, nice to meet you, I’m Andrew Keohan a Business and Tourism major up at Plymouth State University. For those of you not familiar with the small college town of Plymouth, it’s nestled beneath the towering wilderness of the White Mountains, a perfect spot to be for outdoor adventure. In my final year at Plymouth, I am excited and looking forward to blogging for the NH State Parks. When I am out on weekend adventures, I will be going to parks and recreation areas I am familiar with and others I don’t have a clue about. My goal is to give my blog readers an experience of what it is actually like to go to these parks and make you want to get up and get outdoors in the beauty of what New Hampshire has to offer. Hopefully, I will blog about places you had no idea existed, if not, well they are still worth going to again! If I can get just a couple of my readers to go out and want to experience the places I have been than I’ve done my job!

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  1. Andrew..Rog Ahlgren from Franconia in the 1940’s..Went to Holderness in Plymouth back when…Skied , junped, XC and more back then. Knew the Nansen Jump…oh ya…Ran into a Gentleman, Mike, on the net…We were 15 years displaced. He runs the Mt. Wash “Rock Pile” situation…I envy him as I worked up for Ch 8 years…One of my Teachers at Holderness was Wendle Stephenson who, with others, did the Recording of the 231. There is a blog on this site with pictures…..Please contact me…I live in Yerington, Nv at 4378′ and by back door has Mt. Grant at 11,400 Ft….Hiking up there without the “green” bottle is a trip….Regards…Roger Ahlgren…UMPER swede

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