Legends of Mount Chocorua

This weekend, I hiked Mount Chocorua in Chocorua, NH with my brother, Sean and my friend, Emily. I had heard that it was a great hike with breathtaking views, so we woke up early and drove up 93N to exit 23 and then took 113A to bring us to Chinook Trail Road. There was a small parking lot there where we started our approximate 8-mile trek from.

View from the road going toward Sandwich, N.H. on our way back.
View from the road going toward Sandwich, N.H. on our way back.

Along our journey, which was steep and arduous, my friend Emily told us that there was a legend about the naming of Mount Chocorua. It is said that in the 18th century, Chief Chocorua left his son in the care of a settler and his family while he went off. Chocorua’s son had eaten some poison accidentally and died while Chocorua was away. The settler had been away when Chocorua came to find his son dead, and in his grief, killed the settler’s wife and son. When the settler had seen what had been done, he hunted down Chocorua, who had fled to the top of now, Mount Chocorua, and knowing he would die, jumped from the top. Chief Chocorua cast a curse upon the lands on his fall down, hoping misery to all. It is believed that the settler had died on Mount Chocorua and had been eaten by wolves.

With a little spook in our step, we made our way up the mountain, about 3,500 feet in height. This is a strenuous hike, especially with its bare, rocky last stretch to the summit, but with a couple friends, high protein snacks and plenty of water, the challenge is made a little easier.

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