Hampton Beach: Sailboats & Sandcastles

Hampton Beach State Park – June 19, 2011

With the annual Hampton Beach Catamaran Regatta and the kick-off of the 11th annual Sand Sculpting Competition it was quite the weekend to be at Hampton Beach State Park.  Highlighted with warm sunny weather, both of the events were a hit for spectators all along the beach.

The regatta, sponsored by the New England Nacra Sailing Association (NENSA), saw catamaran crews from around the area race courses charted just off the shore on both Saturday and Sunday.  Finding a spot nearly anywhere on the sand offered front row views of the action. The catamaran racers made full use of the day’s wind leaning way out over their boats, turning sharply around buoys, and lifting the sides of their vessels out of the water.  The racing was exciting, and from such a close distance you could feel the sense of competition as they jockeyed for position.

As the Catamaran Regatta was taking place just off shore, the 11th annual, week-long, Sand Sculpting Competition was getting underway.  Among the huge sand piles set out for the competing artists, a team of sculptors worked on a feature sandcastle demonstrating the techniques that go into building large sandcastles.  Kids, adults, and even seniors admired as the artists transformed mounds of sand into perfectly straight walls and towers completing their castle.

The Sand Sculpting Competition will run from June 18, 2011 to June 25, 2011, and offers another great reason to visit Hampton Beach State Park.  If you happen to miss the competition week, the sandcastles will be on display until the 29th and illuminated each night.


Daniel Wilkinson, New Hampshire State Parks Summer Intern

I love it here in New Hampshire. I’ve been visiting my entire life, but it wasn’t until I moved here to attend Plymouth State University that I realized just how much the New Hampshire State Parks could offer. Comprised of 92 different parks, waysides, historical sites, and recreational trails there is something for everyone to enjoy here. From hiking, camping, skiing, biking, boating, to picnics, sunbathing, and playgrounds it is easy for the whole the family to have fun in a New Hampshire State Park. This summer, as a NH State Parks intern, I’ll be traveling around New Hampshire to give you a look at all the different experiences you can have inside the state parks. Using a camera, my hiking boots, kayak, and mountain bike I plan to explore as much as I can and report back to you. I’m excited to get out there, but I’m even more excited to share my adventures and motivate you to get outside and enjoy the New Hampshire State Parks.

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  1. Hi Danny! We enjoy reading your blog. Can you get us some photos of the sand sculptures at night?

  2. Hi Daniel… I love your blog posts! Thanks for sharing NH State Parks with the world! I am a fellow blogger, and would love to ask you a few questions about your summer gig for the Balsams Blog (http://thebalsams.com/blog/). Please email me… Thanks, Carrie

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