Hampton Beach and an Olde Tyme Fair!

On a beautiful early June day, I took my family to Hampton Beach State Park and the first annual Olde Tyme Fair!

DSC_3339 (1)
Entrance to the Olde Tyme Fair


DSC_3340 (1)


Fiesta Shows created a Midway adjacent to the RV campground.  Parking was only $5 per car, granting access to the magnificent beach.

DSC_3349 (1)

DSC_3357 (1)
Kayla Spring and Jason Sprang of the Blue Ocean Society


Beyond the Midway rides, games, and food trucks, there was a community presence with booths from different organizations.  The Blue Ocean Society offered children free art activities to raise awareness for ocean conservation.  There was also an art booth showcasing local artists.

DSC_3359 (1)
Cathy Silver of the Blue Ocean Society


DSC_3363 (2)
Senator Nancy Stiles with Stephen LaBranche, Treasurer of the Hampton Beach Village District

I had the pleasure of meeting Senator Nancy Stiles at a booth celebrating the Hampton Beach Village District.

Throughout the weekend, local bands entertained the fair as well as beach-goers.

DSC_3344 (2)

One particular goal of mine during this trip was to finally try some Lobster Mac & Cheese, which I succeeded and savored in my beach chair nearby with my toes in the sand and the waves adding to the band tunes.

DSC_3366 (1)
Lobster Mac & Cheese from Miss Bailey’s!


Although my family greatly enjoyed the fair, stepping a few feet away we were able to experience why Hampton Beach is one of the most popular beaches in New England.DSC_3324 (1)

DSC_3325 (1)

DSC_3371 (1)

DSC_3374 (1)

This image of Joe eating one of the Casino Food Truck’s Monster Hotdogs really sums up our adventure!DSC_3370 (1)

Do you have a favorite carnival ride?  Mine has always been the carousel!


fly fishing in the Hampton River
fly fishing in the Hampton River
jetty with tide going out
jetty with tide going out

Lisa Wiley

My name is Lisa Wiley and I am native to mid-New England, but a NH transplant once my husband and I started a family. We have five children and multiple pets, including a bassett named Rue who will be featured in many of my posts! I work in two academic libraries and recently completed a Bachelors in Education and Training through Granite State College. My husband and I are both educators and love outdoor adventures on a shoestring budget! On the side, we garden and raise chickens and angora rabbits. I enjoy spinning the angora fiber from these gentle animals into beautiful yarns. I can't wait to share the adventures of the 'Wiley Rangers' as we explore NH!

2 thoughts to “Hampton Beach and an Olde Tyme Fair!”

  1. How many people were at the fair and what day did you attend? I an thinking about planning a family trip and thought it might be a fun weekend for this summer.

    1. Hi,we attended on Saturday, and the crowds were heavy near the midway and much lighter near the exhibits. We also went later in the day, when the crowds were lighter. There is so much to see and do for all ages at this beach that I highly recommend the trip!

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