An Evening at Hogback Pond

This quiet pond sits deep within Greenfield State Park and offers stunning views. Missed by many, Hogback Pond offers so much to visitors. In this article I will touch on some of the most beautiful things about this place.

Trees on the shore Photo By Colleen Ann
Trees on the shore
(Photo By Colleen Ann)


The pond’s setting is stunning. As we made our approach on snowshoes, I noticed the calm beauty that surrounds Hogback. The pond is a place of tranquil beauty that makes you feel comfortable. As we made our way down, we began to notice so many things. The way groups of pine saplings reached out of the blankets of snow.  The white clouds that were high in the pale blue sky. We slowly traversed the hill before coming down upon the pond’s surface. The sun had begun to sink behind the trees, and our section of the pond lay in shadows. Yet as we looked across, sunlight still shone upon the far shore. Hogback is a great place to come and enjoy natures expansive beauty.

Across the Pond. Photo by Colleen Ann.
Across the Pond.
(Photo by Colleen Ann)


Hogback is also is home to small details that make it incredible. The pond is a quiet place, only visited by few people. This allows visitors an intimate day with nature. You notice things that may have been overlooked at a busier destination. Early in our hike I noticed a small set of tracks in the snow.  As I leaned down, I recognized the small footfall of a rodent as it made its way across the snow. Being in such a quiet place allows you to look around and appreciate nature in its purest form.

Footprints Photo By Colleen Ann
(Photo By Colleen Ann)

Ease of Access

Hogback is unique because it’s hidden, yet easily accessible. It only takes a short drive and a quick walk to access the pond. Yet it lays far enough from roads that it maintains its wild character. You’re able to experience the quiet tranquility that nature offers without much effort. We made our way out onto the pond, and I was thankful for the contemplative silence that I found. It’s nice to have a place that lies close to more populated areas, and yet still offers such an escape. A journey to Hogback Pond is perfect for a quick afternoon hike.

Different Paths. Photo By Colleen Ann
Different Paths.
(Photo By Colleen Ann)

Spectrum of Fun

Hogback is a winter wonderland for everyone. We spent the afternoon snowshoeing our way across the pond. We saw where snowmobiles had made their way near and across the pond. You can enjoy the pond’s frozen surface in numerous ways. You can snowshoe, cross-country ski or enjoy it with a snowmobile. Snowy roads allow for snowmobile travel near the pond. No matter what your mode of travel, the location and convenience of Hogback Pond allows all to enjoy it regardless of how they get there.

Hogback. Photo By Colleen Ann.
(Photo By Colleen Ann)

The trail around Hogback Pond gives many people an opportunity to experience the outdoors in different ways. It serves an excellent escape out into nature. And most importantly it allows you to connect with winter in a way that is very unique. There are so many awesome places to see here, you just have to get up the motivation to get out.

For more information about the Hogback Trail in Greenfield State Park, check out this self-guided hike flyer developed by one of the Discover the Power of Parks Interpretive Rangers: Hogback Trail Self-Guided Hike Flyer


And here’s a video tour of the Hogback Trail also created with help of the Interpretive Ranger at Greenfield State Park last summer:


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