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Monadnock Weekly Report 03.08.13

Posted on by Patrick Hummel, Volunteer Program Coordinator


“Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ice on needles, White Dot Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel

Ice on needles, White Dot Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel



We’re a week closer to the Vernal Equinox, a week closer to St. Patrick’s Day, a week closer to Opening Day, and we’re moving our clocks ahead tomorrow night (don’t forget!), gaining more light in our days.

But, like I mentioned last week, March in New England has a way of testing one’s patience.

Adopting Nature’s “secret”, as Emerson describes, is good advice in many aspects of our lives. Winter is not done with us yet and while I still welcome snow, there still lingers unavoidable anticipation for the change in seasons.

"The Spur" off the White Dot below the summit. Photo by Patrick Hummel

“The Spur” off the White Dot below the summit. Photo by Patrick Hummel

It sounds like our friends in Massachusetts got hit hard from this latest storm. Mount Monadnock received a fresh blanket of 10″ of new snow, which is a little surprising given how routinely this storm seemed to be underestimated.

The weekend may offer a small window of opportunity to enjoy the snow, especially since Winter may be on its last legs.

Saturday and Sunday are shaping up to be very nice days in the Monadnock Region. Partly sunny skies and temperatures at the base of the mountain reaching into the low to mid 40’s will be welcomed after a week of grey skies.

Crotched Mountain as recently seen from the White Dot Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel

Crotched Mountain as recently seen from the White Dot Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel

Snowshoes are going to be needed on most trails this weekend. Light spiked traction should also be available for your insulated waterproof boots. The snow is deep in some pockets of the mountain and the spikes will once again be helpful for grip in the snow rather than being needed for ice.

For those about to break trail, we salute you.

There was deep snow on the trails before this last storm. Photo by Patrick Hummel

There was deep snow on the trails before this last storm. Photo by Patrick Hummel

This may be one of the last solid weekends for X-C skiing at Monadnock as well, so come out and explore the 8+ mile network of un-groomed Nordic ski trails.

The warmer daytime temperatures will likely continue into next week, but some rain may be accompanying it.

40 degree weather + rain = sloppy snow and trail conditions.

Keep an eye on those ever changing forecasts and do not hesitate to call us directly for the most up to date trail conditions. 603-532-8862.


Recent tracks along Monadnock's Amphitheatre Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel

Recent tracks along Monadnock’s Amphitheatre Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel

Happy Birthday Harling and Lost Farm!

This year, in 2013, the Harling Trail on the lower southeast sections of the mountain and the Lost Farm Trail on the south side of Monadnock will both be turning 99 years old!

I don’t have the specific days or months recorded for their openings in 1914.

The Harling Trail, which now junctions with Cascade Link and the Hinkley Trail, was originally blazed by E.J. Harling.


The bridge crossing at the junction of the Hinkley and Harling Trails earlier this winter. Photo by Patrick Hummel

The Lost Farm Trail, junctioning with Cliff Walk and the Parker Trail, was laid out and blazed by Scott A. Smith and W.J. Bicknell.

Did you know that even though many of Mount Monadnock’s historic hiking trails have been abandoned and given back to Nature, the current trail network contains over 20 trails that are more than 100 years old? Here is a list of some of those long standing trails still in use and the years that they opened:

White Arrow Trail (circa 1825, although it is likely older)
Marlboro Trail (circa 1825, re-opened in 1855)
Dublin Trail (circa 1840, could be older)
Fairy Spring Trail (circa 1850)
Cart Path (1876)
Pumpelly Trail (1884)
Do Drop Trail (1890’s)
Cliff Walk (1890’s)
Point Surprise Trail (1894)
Hello Rock Trail (1896)
Thoreau Trail (1896)
Amphitheatre Trail (1897)
Noble Trail (1897)
Hedgehog Trail (1897)
Smith Summit Trail (1897)
White Dot Trail (1900)
Sidefoot Trail (1900)
Smith Connecting Trail (1900)
Great Pasture Trail (1902)
Monte Rosa Trail (1902)
Mossy Brook Trail (1910)
Parker Trail (1911)

Ladies at the Summit of Monadnock, 1910's. Happy International Women's Day!

Ladies at the Summit of Monadnock, 1910’s. Happy International Women’s Day!

Out of my top 5 favorite trails on Monadnock, four of them are over 100 years old!

How does your list compare?



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About Patrick Hummel, Volunteer Program Coordinator

My name is Patrick Hummel and I am the NH State Parks Volunteer Program Coordinator. I work statewide supporting invidivual volunteers, Friends groups, Trails groups, and community orgainizations in our State Parks. Previously, I was the 8th Park Manager in Monadnock State Park’s history. I grew up in Jaffrey, in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock, establishing a fascination with the mountain at the age of 6. I enjoy hiking, photography, and traveling. I also enjoy non-fiction reading (mostly), Civil War history, and have come to the acceptance that I will never be the starting first baseman for the New York Mets. I am also an avid music fan with a former career in radio and tour management. I now live at the doorstep to the White Mountains. View all posts by Patrick Hummel, Volunteer Program Coordinator →
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3 Responses to Monadnock Weekly Report 03.08.13

  1. avatar fred hughes says:

    These two raving beauties are long gone and so would be the product of the little “baby bump” on the fine lady on the left. Great footware I might add, probably courtesy of L.L. Bean. Hats provided by F.W. Woolworth Stores.

  2. avatar Shelley Fowler says:

    Beautiful pictures Patrick. I love the ice on needles!

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