This has definitely been the hardest post I’ve ever had to write. It was torture.

I have been sitting here drooling for the past hour, reminiscing about my experience at the 23rd Annual Mount Washington Valley Chocolate Festival.

Nestled in the shadow of Mount Washington State Park, Intervale, New Hampshire opens its nordic ski trails and local businesses to chocolate lovers around the world every February. Last year, I went to the festival on a New Hampshire Outing Club trip through my school.

I was instantly enamored by the combination of cross country skiing, fresh air, and of course, chocolate. The trip was fun, but I this year I wanted to bring my boyfriend, Chris, who doesn’t go to UNH. On a bright Sunday morning, we headed north to a day of chocolate heaven.

Each stop on the trail was at a different local business. We visited everything from hotels to grocery stores, stuffing ourselves with chocolate along the way.

One of my favorite stops was for ice cream sundaes with homemade chocolate sauce.

Taking an unnecessary break from the chocolate, Chris and I went to a maple syrup shack. I can still smell the sugar!

Steam from the maple syrup process.

Maple syrup shots!

The day got more sinfully good as it went on.

Drumroll please….

Well, my stomach is officially growling!

All smiles after a day of chocolate! Have you been enjoying the last of the snow in NH State Parks?

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