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Bear Brook in the snow

Posted on by Mairead Dunphy

While I watched the snow fall today, I wondered what the trails at Bear Brook looked like. With this spontaneous trek in mind, I found a friendly companion to accompany me in the winter wonderland.

Meet Molly! Molly was more than excited to join me today in the fresh layer of snow. She and I went hiking on Salt Lick Trail, where we made the first tracks! Unfortunately, Molly is not my black lab but my good friend Greg’s, the Park Manager, and he was happy to let me borrow her (I need to pretend a dog is mine once in awhile).

Salt Lick Trail is a great beginners trail for hiking, snow-shoeing or XC-skiing.

Salt Lick Trail is a great beginners trail for hiking, snow-shoeing or XC-skiing.

We started on Podunk Road where we climbed the hill to get on Salt Lick trail. This trail is one of my favorites to go XC-ing on because it isn’t too hard and there aren’t any surprise hills for me to tumble down. With another snow storm, you can surely expect a XC post from me!


Keeping dogs on a leash in the Park is the safest way to hike for you and your dog. With hunting season still around, you want to make sure you keep them close to you. Molly had this fantastic harness on her that helped me tell her where to go, and not the other way around! Though she was very well trained and was content with staying with me.

Crossing of Salt Lick Trail and Bobcat Trail.

Crossing of Salt Lick Trail and Bobcat Trail.

This, is another reason I love this trail so much. These trees look like something from Lord of the Rings! (I’m not ashamed that I’m a huge fan…The Hobbit comes Friday!) Unfortunately, these trails are scheduled to be cut down due to the Red Pine Scale that has come to the Park. This is my way of saying, go see those trees now!

DSCF4825We decided that the snow had become a little too wet for a longer hike, so our adventure lead us back to Podunk Road, which is after the trees. So enjoy the snow, and hope for more so we can start winter sports!

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