Meet Sasha Wolfe, a New Hampshire artist who specializes in photography and charcoal drawings. This weekend, my friends Molly, Caroline, and I went to Wadleigh State Park in central New Hampshire to talk creativity, art, and nature with Sasha.

Sasha has been a life long nature and art lover. As a child, she loved playing in the fields and the woods. One of her earliest memories is of drawing and decorating paper dolls. Today, she combines her two passions by capturing nature through art. As a member of the Hillsborough Artisans and NH Made, Sasha is keeping a tradition of creativity and culture alive in New Hampshire.

“Everyone is an artist. It’s in finding what inspires you and allowing those passions to flow in a positive way,” says Sasha. For her, artwork is a means of expressing herself and exploring the world around her.

Almost all of Sasha’s work is based in nature. She never leaves home without a camera; who knows when something beautiful will pop up? Living near several protected areas like Rollins State Park and Winslow State Park gives Sasha plenty to work with.

On our trip, Sasha took us to Wadleigh State Park. During the summer time, swimming is popular on pristine Kezar Lake. In the winter, the park offers a quiet retreat for a snowy walk.

One of Sasha’s photography tips is to truly stop and look at your surroundings. What do you see? Sure, NH State Park scenery is obviously beautiful, but there’s always more than what meets the eye.

Try examining things up close and personal. Look for patterns, colors, and irregularities. 

When you start looking for these things, your entire outlook of a day in a State Park changes. I found myself stuck in a 5 foot wide area, enthralled by the patterns in the ice.

One of my favorite things to experiment with while taking pictures is light. How does an excess or absence of light change a photo?

Thank you to Sasha for a fun and educational day! Check out her website to learn more about Sasha and her art.

What’s your favorite picture that you’ve taken in a NH State Park?

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