Try the park less traveled…

Less frequently visited than many other state parks (although gaining popularity amongst mountain bikers), Ahern State Park is conveniently located just outside downtown Laconia, off Route 106 North. It remains nicely secluded from the hustle and bustle of the Lakes Region on the shores of Lake Winnisquam.

Mountain biking, jogging and walking are some of the typical ways people enjoy the nature path in Ahern, which is a few miles long. Just feet from the depths of the lake, this trail catches a breeze coming off the lake, providing relief to exercisers after a hard cardio workout.

Nature path along the lake, excellent for those looking for some exercise outside the containments of a gym!

For those who wish to experience the benefits of the lake first hand, bring down the family canoe or kayak. Parking is available right next to the beach so the water can be accessed within seconds of arrival!

For the first time in a long time, I tried my hand at a fall water sport in New Hampshire and it turned out to be a satisfying adventure. The small cove at Ahern is a nice place to paddle around and enjoy mountain views. This part of the lake requires little paddling since the shores of Ahern jut out on both sides, affording calm waters. Around the cove’s lip the water turned out to be a little more challenging as white caps swayed the kayak. The lake broadens here and provides a spectacular outlook of the White Mountain range. Although the waters are chilly on Winnisquam this time of year, it’s totally possible to kayak all the way out to the sand bar by Mosquito bridge from Ahern! For now, it’s still a great time to get out on the water before it all freezes over – you may just like the adrenaline rush!

Beyond the lip of the cove where the wind starts to pick up and lake opens.
On the edge!







Hi all, nice to meet you, I’m Andrew Keohan a Business and Tourism major up at Plymouth State University. For those of you not familiar with the small college town of Plymouth, it’s nestled beneath the towering wilderness of the White Mountains, a perfect spot to be for outdoor adventure. In my final year at Plymouth, I am excited and looking forward to blogging for the NH State Parks. When I am out on weekend adventures, I will be going to parks and recreation areas I am familiar with and others I don’t have a clue about. My goal is to give my blog readers an experience of what it is actually like to go to these parks and make you want to get up and get outdoors in the beauty of what New Hampshire has to offer. Hopefully, I will blog about places you had no idea existed, if not, well they are still worth going to again! If I can get just a couple of my readers to go out and want to experience the places I have been than I’ve done my job!

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  1. Hi Andrew..I wonder whether we can be in touch by e mail as I am headed up to Ahern next week and want to paddle if possible and might not be able to haul my kayak from Philadelphia..would you be able to help me find two kayaks to use/rent for the afternoon of WEdnesday OCt 9?

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