Tips to Reach the Tip-Top!

Grand Monadnock is a popular mountain. If it were a student in high school it would certainly be on the homecoming court. You can bet that as a musician it would top all of the music charts. And as a super model, it would grace the wall of every dorm room in the country.

Monadnock on the Homecoming Court. She's stunning.
Monadnock on the Homecoming Court. She’s stunning.

Due to its popularity, Monadnock gets over 100,000 visitors a year. I know by now we have all heard, “You know, Monadnock is the third most hiked mountain in the world!”. And while this may be true (depending on who you ask), something that can be agreed upon is that Monadnock is a loved mountain. It has the ability to lift the lowest spirits, challenge the shapeliest of legs, and swell the hearts of many.

Just look at that heart grow!  I bet he just reached the White Dot/White Cross Junction.
Just look at that heart grow! I bet he just reached the White Dot/White Cross Junction.

Many of Monadnock’s visitors are folks who come to enjoy the mountain for a day hike with aspirations of reaching the rocky summit. Many, in their gusto to begin their hike, forget that while Monadnock is a lovely and popular mountain, it is still in fact a mountain. And so, in order to enjoy all it has to offer, I give to you:

“Tips to Reach the Tip-Top!”

Tip #1:

Bring that water! It is pretty easy to become dehydrated while making your way to the summit, especially during these hot summer months. To keep yourself safe and hydrated, the Monadnock staff recommends you take 2 liters of water per person.

Bring enough water and you'll feel as awesome as an otter with a popsicle!
Bring enough water and you’ll feel as awesome as an otter with a popsicle!

Tip #2:

I get pretty darn hungry during a strenuous hike, so I like to carry a lunch and plenty of snacks. Eating your lunch atop a summit can make a PB&J taste like the finest of T-Bone steaks. Everyone loves a picnic… kids, adults, those whom you may be trying to woo.

"Thy eyes are as lovely as the views from Monadnock."
“Thy eyes are as lovely as the views from Monadnock.”

Tip #3:

Flip-flops, high-heels, roller-skates… all fun and fashionable choices! But you can wear those anytime! How often do you get to rock your sweet hiking boots, becoming the envy of all others as you trek your way to the top? Luckily for you, Monadnock is a great location for breaking those bad boys out.

Trust me... I'm saving you from committing a major fashion faux pas.
Trust me… I’m saving you from committing a major fashion faux pas.

Tip #4:

The views above tree-line at Monadnock are breathtaking. Often it will put you into a temporary state of shock as your mind processes the beauty before you. While cameras can’t capture the true feelings of that moment, pictures are a great way of reliving your memorable Monadnock moments.

Almost there!
Almost there!
View from the Red Spot trail.
View from the Red Spot trail.

So come enjoy a beautiful, hydrated, full-stomached day in appropriate footwear at Monadnock! There will always be a friendly face and special mountain to meet you.

Check out one of my interpretive programs at Monadnock State Park this summer!

By: Kelsey Johnson, Interpretive Ranger at Monadnock and Greenfield State Parks


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