Scooby Dooby Don’t Bring Your Dog to Monandock State Park!

Dogs are a big part of the family. You want them to be involved in the outdoor adventures your family embarks on. Get it, Bark! However some outdoor adventures are not appropriate for dogs or there could be a restriction on dogs all together. Hiking to the summit of Mount Monadnock is one of those places that has those restrictions.

All of the Trail heads leading to the summit have signs posted about animal restrictions to inform hikers about animal regulations.

Since 1986 a rule was put in place to restricted our furry friends from all trails and areas on Mount Monadnock that are within Monadnock State Park boundaries. The main issues were dogs attacking people, dogs attacking dogs, dogs impact on the environment and the most important, dogs dying on the hike up to the summit. Park staff continually ran into issues of people not bringing enough water for themselves let alone their dogs. Also the trails leading to the summit are exposed to rock that creates a problem for dogs and their bare feet.

Miller State Park is an alternative if you find yourself wanting to walk with your furry friend. Just 20 minutes away from Monadnock, Miller State Parks provides a beautiful view of Mt. Monadnock.

Rules and restrictions are put in place to protect the park from the people, the people from the park and the people from the people. There are a few more rules that I want to share to educate hikers venturing out to the mountain.

Tri-fold board by the White Dot Trail at park headquarters explaining the various rules of the mountain.
Please don’t stack stones. It is illegal, unsafe and damages the environment.
Rock carins are trail markers for hikers to follow. Building unauthorized carins can lead hikers off trail and into a dangerous situation. Also moving rocks contributes to the erosion of soil on the mountain.
The air about the summit is a restricted fly zone. That means drones are not allowed to fly around the mountain.
Each year the trail of Monadnock becomes wider and wider from hikers walking off trail. The red lines represent the current width of the trail. The blue lines represent the actually width of the trail should be. Please stay on the rocky trails to help prevent erosion.
Monadnock State Park is a Carry In Carry Out park. Meaning there are NO trash cans. The trails become littered with food and trash hikers leave behind. Please make sure what you bring in the park comes out of the park with you.

We do our best to provide an optimal outdoor recreation experience when you come to Monadnock State Park. Please help us continue to serve recreational enthusiast by following these simple rules. Thanks Folks!


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