Rhododendron Bloom Report: June 21, 2019

Hi folks-
As the hybrid rhododendrons are winding down, the bloom time at Rhododendron State Park is getting closer. However, we may not see any flowers for another week or so.

The tunnel effect

Most of the flowers will be out in full by the middle of July as usual. However, the bugs are as thick as ever (also normal at the grove for this time of year), so come prepared

Easy, well marked flat loop path through the grove-20 minutes round trip and suitable for wheelchairs

The picture below (taken this week) shows the difference between the various sorts of terminal (branch tip) growth. On the left are vegetative (leaf) buds that will not be flowering this year. Near the center is a flower husk left over from last year’s bloom. On the right is a flower bud due to open some time in the next 3 weeks give or take a few days.

different buds you may see at the grove

Remember-be prepared for the bugs!

thick impenetrable undergrowth visible along the trail

Ted Lenk

Ted Lenk is an NH State Park Volunteer who checks in regularly at Rhododendron State Park.

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