Rhododendron Bloom Report: June 11, 2015

Well, not much change in the grove is visible this week as far as the flowerbuds are concerned. It still appears that the bloom time this year will be about the middle of July, as expected. The pictures shown are from Thursday, June 11, but I certainly could have used last week’s photos. Although we can’t see it too well, there is change happening inside those plants.

Flower buds are still tightly formed. (6/11/15)

There is quite a bit of leafy growth which can be seen now, and that is normal for this time of year. This year’s growth will potentially produce next year’s flowers, but it doesn’t always happen. It always takes a lot of energy to make fruit (seeds in this case), and for one reason or another that amount of energy is not always available every year. Sometimes it takes several years to build up enough to flower heavily. I have seen it only twice in the last ten years when the bloom was more than seventy per cent of the potential.

Leafy growth. (6/11/15)

On to a different subject: The issue of  whether or not pets are allowed at Rhododendron State Park. It can be a confusing situation. No pets are allowed on the Rhododendron Loop including the Wildflower Loop. This is a state law. However, the trail that leads to Little Monadnock (which gives access to, but is actually not part of the Rhododendron Loop) does allow pets. All pets MUST be physically leashed while on NH State owned land, and it is the human companion’s responsibility to clean up and remove any waste generated.

Pets are not permitted on the Rhododendron Loop or Wildflower Loop.

The grove can be a beautiful and wondrous place just about any time of the year, blooms or not. During the warm season it can ( and is now) very buggy, so come prepared. We’ll send out another update next week, and you can also check out previous posts in the Bloom Report archive look at last week’s entry if you want.

Until then,
Ted Lenk

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Ted Lenk

Ted Lenk is an NH State Park Volunteer who checks in regularly at Rhododendron State Park.

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