Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 2, 2021

Hi folks-

The hot weather we had during the last week or so seems to have sped up the process a little, but it still looks like mid-July will be “peak” bloom. As I have said before, the blooming period for these Rhododendrons starts towards the beginning of July and extends sometimes to mid August, so if you do not get there exactly on July 15, you won’t miss it.

Still pretty tight-a later bloom
Closer to blooming
By the bridge

As usual, there are many stages of flower bud conditions to be seen this week – some extended and swollen, some still very tight, and one or two out all the way and blooming. All the pictures you see here were from July 1st, 2021.
It was very buggy there today. Remember to be prepared for that.

Get the idea?
This one will be gone by Monday 7/4
bud extension

Until next week,
Ted Lenk


Ted Lenk

Ted Lenk is an NH State Park Volunteer who checks in regularly at Rhododendron State Park.

2 thoughts to “Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 2, 2021”

  1. Hello Ted,
    Thanks for your reporting. We were thinking of coming on Monday July 5, but seeing your report makes us think we should wait a week or two to be there at peak season.

    Thanks, Hugh & Barbara Mellert / Hanover NH

  2. When would be a good time to visit for seeing the most blooms ? Where are the Rhododendrons located within the park? Thank You

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