Rhododendron Bloom Report: July 15, 2022

Hi Folks

As you can see from the accompanying photos, the blooms at the grove in Fitzwilliam, NH are in full swing this week. There will be plenty this weekend as well, even though the majority of the flowers are almost finished for the season. There are quite a few that have not yet opened up and will be showing in the next week or so.

Out by the bridge (about halfway around the Rhododendron Loop trail)
Typical of some of the earlier blooms, this one is waning
Why does this one show little to no pink coloring? Genetics? Nutrients? Dunno. Mystery.

Perhaps (or not) as a result of the cool and dry weather of April and May this year, the plant world is lagging a bit behind. I have noticed a few different plants that are “behind schedule,” but generally everything will most likely “catch up” when the summer heat comes on.
What I am getting at is that for some mysterious reason, the rhododendrons are a bit late blooming this year, by a few days or so. It seems that the blooms are more spread out from beginning to end this season. What does this mean? Dunno. Plants in general are unpredictable and mysterious. That is nothing new. What is new is the increasing unpredictability of it all.

Late indeed-due to open in late July or early August of this year
Typical of some of the earlier blooms, this one is waning

In any case, when you come to Rhododendron State Park, be prepared for lots of bugs. They are there waiting for you.

Until next week,

Ted Lenk

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