Nightlife of the Notch

After my night programs, it is usually dark. As I walk home to our humble abode (the hiker cabin), I can’t help but notice the starry sky on a clear night. The constellations are so visible, it is unreal.

(Starry night sky, photo cred: Greg Keeler)

Franconia Notch is just over 1,000ft above sea level. You don’t even have to climb a mountain to get that high! All you have to do is drive to Franconia Notch State Park. Seeing the stars so close up reminds me of my years living in Colorado and how amazing your night view can be.

(Evening view of Little Haystack)

One night Jillian and I walked along the Pemi Trail in hopes of identifying the bird to a certain call that I kept hearing. Jillian played some bird noises on her phone and low and behold we got a response. The bird was a Swainson’s Thrush! The sound of this bird is beautiful and has a spiraling upward sound to its song. It is part of the nightlife here at Franconia Notch State Park.

(Evening view of Cannon Mountain)

Jillian and I sometimes enjoy other night hikes, for example, up to Lonesome Lake. Lonesome Lake is nestled into the foothills of Cannon Mountain. You can get to it easily from the Lafayette Place Campground and then just a 1.6 mile hike to Lonesome Lake.

(Franconia Notch Sunset, photo cred: Greg Keeler)

Franconia is a great place to get a glimpse at a beautiful mountain sunset. Lots of times during my programs the sun is setting and I have to stop the program to tell everyone to look at the colorful sky and appreciate it for a few minutes.

The nightlife here in the notch is abundant! There are moose, black bears, owls, bats, and many more. Come be a part of Franconia Notch State Park’s nightlife!

(Northern Hawk Owl, Photo cred: Greg Keeler)
(Bull Moose, Photo cred: Greg Keeler)
(Black Bear sow with cub, Photo cred: Greg Keeler)





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  1. I would love to attend one of your Might Life programs. When is the next one? Or is there a website with a schedule?


    Donna McCusker

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