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New Hampshire’s Quest for Adventure: Discover the Power of Parks, Fire Towers and Lake Explorers

Greta Ketchner – SCA NH Corps – Discover the Power of Parks Interpretive Ranger

White Lake State Park, Tamworth, NH
Interpretive Ranger Krystal, kayaking and exploring White Lake State Park.

Are you looking to explore beautiful spots in New Hampshire this summer? Do you want to learn more about nature and the animals native to New Hampshire? Do you enjoy hiking to places with a bird’s eye view? Are you fond of spending time paddling on a lake taking in gorgeous mountain views? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then consider completing the challenge of the following “Quests” New Hampshire has to offer: Discover the Power of Parks Program, NH Fire Tower Quest, and Lake Explorer Quest. Visit NH State Parks to find a park and more helpful links!

New Hampshire has beauty and wonder to offer if you spend a day out exploring natural spaces around you. This summer, The Discover the Power of Parks Program is back! In a partnership with the Student Conservation Association (SCA), AmeriCorps, NH State Parks, and Eversource Energy, the Interpretive Rangers (to meet us click here) will be around offering programming in various parks. Look for us wearing the blue shirts. If you attend 5 of the Discover the Power of the Parks Programs, you are eligible to receive a patch to show off your passion for learning about the parks!

NH State Parks Interpretive Rangers for Summer 2022
Interpretive Rangers for Summer 2022 with Education Coordinator, Kate Banyas, in bottom left.

Fire Towers

Do you want to see New Hampshire’s forests in a way you never have before? Did you know, New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the country? There are vast numbers of forests in New Hampshire which cover over 83 percent of the state. Therefore, it is critical to protect the forest and keep a watch for possible signs of forest fires. There are 15 Fire Lookout Towers maintained by the N.H. Division of Forests & Lands.  Challenge yourself this summer to visit at least 5 of the 15 Fire Towers to complete the NH Fire Tower Quest to earn yourself a wicked patch as a badge of honor!

Here are some photos of the inside of a fire tower located at the summit of Kearsarge Mountain, accessible from Rollins State Park and Winslow State Park.

Forest Fire Lookout, Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources, Div. of NH State Parks
Pictured: Samuel McClory, who works for Forest Fire Lookout – DNCR Forest and Land Division. He is looking for signs of forest fires. This is what a tower might look like inside at the top. Sometimes, there is someone inside keeping a watchful eye and communicating with other towers.
Fire Finder, NH State Parks
This is called a Fire Finder. It is an alidade, or a turning board device which helps to spot the exact location of fires.
Mt. Kearsarge Fire Tower
View to the East from the fire tower on Kearsarge Mountain. You can spot Mount Monadnock, where I will be working as an Interpretive Ranger this summer.

Lake Explorer

If you prefer to explore nature while on water, there is a quest for you as well! New Hampshire Lakes sponsors a Lake Explorer Quest which you can complete to earn a patch. To earn the patch, you must implement the Clean, Drain, Dry method before entering a body of water, and then explore three different lakes or ponds in New Hampshire.  There are a lot of NH State Park lakes you can visit on this quest as well! To see an official list of the lakes included click here.

Pawtuckaway State Park is a great spot to visit because you can complete one requirement for each Quest. Visit the Fire Tower in the morning, paddle on the lake in the afternoon, and visit Interpretive Ranger Matt for one of his programs.

Beaver Dam at Pawtuckaway State Park, NH
Beaver Dam at Pawtuckaway State Park which you can visit while exploring the park!

Wishing you a safe and fun summer as you explore NH State Parks and work towards completing your Quests for adventure should you chose to do so. See YOU at the NH State Parks!


Discover Power of Parks SCA Interpreters

Discover the Power of Parks is presented by New Hampshire State Parks in collaboration with the Student Conservation Association and AmeriCorps and made possible by generous financial support from Eversource. The program offers a look into the natural world through hands-on programming. Interpretive programs focus on connecting participants with nature and building appreciation for New Hampshire's unmatched natural heritage. Programs include guided hikes, interpretive tours, and imaginative environmental workshops for children and families. Programs are offered free to guests with paid park admission fee. No pre-registration is required.

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