New Video Series Explores Hidden Gems of NH Park System

With 93 properties spread out across New Hampshire, our State Park System offers a diverse mix of extraordinary places and outdoor experiences across a relatively small state. And while some of our parks see several thousands of visitors each year, others receive far fewer. These lesser-known and lesser-visited parks still have much to offer and are quite unique and spectacular in their own way.

As part of a Summer Internship, NH State Parks Intern, Dorothy Parsons will help us to highlight some of these Hidden Gems of the NH State Park System. This new video series will share parks, recreational trails and historic sites that are off the beaten path but still well-worth the trip.

We’ll be publishing a new ‘Hidden Gem’ video twice a month from June to September. Our first video (see below) features the cascades and waterfalls of the Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area located in New Hampshire’s Southwest corner. Other upcoming locations include places like Wadleigh State Park and Rhododendron State Park. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to catch each new video as they are released. We’ll also be posting some behind the scenes pics from each shoot on Instagram.


Grant Klene

Digital Marketing Manager for New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation

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