Meet the NH State Park Bloggers

This Cannon Mountain ski instructor doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and he is willing to brave the back-roads with a van full of sweaty, smelly runners!

We trust Will with our lives as he knows these roads like the back of his hand. (he promised to give us all back massages when he isn’t driving)

Grant (aka Clark Kent) doesn’t have the word “slow” in his vocabulary. This mountain biking, skateboarding, hiking, runner does it all with a camera attached to him somewhere.

Mary (aka Lois Lane with super powers) is the Assistant Coach of the Southern New Hampshire University Women’s Cross Country Team. She averages about 65-70 miles of running per week.

Cait trains rain or shine and when you train in Twin Mountain, you learn a thing or two about hill intervals. If you are looking for an outdoor enthusiast’s vacation spot, consider staying at her Carlson’s Lodge in Twin Mountain.

Stacy (who sat down after finishing the marathon in Providence and got stuck in that position) has been racking up miles for over 5 years now. Her chocolate lab Penny waits for her at every finish line!

Kate runs like a gazelle and is already winning local races. She ran with Olympic teams in Slovakia. Look out for this one! (She’ll have to tell the story)

Try running with Adam wearing and pulling a couple hundred pounds of gear. Adam is a high-rise stair racing, mountain biking, kayaking, running, tireless exercise aficionado! (Aficionado is a fun word to say)

Doug is a lean mean running machine. (Just kidding on the “mean” part). His team won the Reach the Beach in his age group in 2006 and placed 2nd overall in 2007. Even more important… he knows the inside secrets of which exchange points give out the best food.

Michele wears funky headbands and hates interval training but is willing to suffer for the sake of the team. She is pretending to be a warrior in this picture but really just loves to have fun!

Mike who saves lives on Mount Washington for a living through mountain Search and Rescue has run the Mount Washington 7.6 mile foot race to the summit for the past 25 years. He also does amazing blog posts on Mount Washington every Monday!

Barb wire, waist deep mud, agony mountains, jumping through fire, zombies… Mike is the king of obstacle course races! When he isn’t bouldering or lead climbing, he spends his time working on his custom built road bike, wind surfing, or snowboarding.

Rebecca runs about 10 races a year and has her own blog called “Running with Music” (She’s the happy runner! I think she lapped all those other runners already)

We will follow Jewels, our fearless team leader, into the most treacherous of terrains, up hill – both ways, in bare feet, in the pouring sleet and rain…

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Who in their right mind would sign up for a 200 mile race? That’s what the Reach the Beach Race relay organizers asked the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation when they generously offered the Division a relay team. Twelve crazy runners jumped at the opportunity. We may not be in the right mind, but we are always in the adventure mind! Our team name is the NH State Park Bloggers which means that we have blogging to do. We will keep you up-to-date with pictures and video using our new GoPro camera on our training progress throughout the summer and into the fall. We all agreed that we should use this opportunity to create awareness for a serious problem facing outdoor enthusiasts throughout the country; New Hampshire especially and that is Lyme Disease. We will do as much as we can throughout the summer to promote awareness, safety, prevention, and to work with Lyme Disease foundations to learn what more can do to make our woods safer.

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