Leave-ing Monadnock State Park

By: Jonathan Rager: Intrepretive Ranger at Monadnock State Park. Photos by: Stamati Anagnostou: Interpretive Ranger at Monadnock State Park.

As we get to the back of this short novel of time, we feel the last pages of paper in our interpretive journey at Monadnock State Park almost reach completion.

We have deep and enchanting feelings towards this mountain and realize the prowess and connection that many people have to it, as we have also developed over our brief stay.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this mountain certainly has many personalities and we have been lucky to be here for the autumn season. We see the slow but hastened transition of the colorfully leather leaves canvassing the trails and remember when they were green.

Much like the passage of time however, Dearest Reader, they go through constant change. From the spry young saplings of spring, to the lovely flourishes of green bliss in the summer, the poly-chromatic speckled landscapes of fall, and lastly the withering and falling of life as they approach the winter season, only to come back the next season repeating the splendor that nature provides.

Although Columbus Day weekend did not present the best hiking conditions, many from all over came out to attain a closer look at Monadnock’s veil of fall colors. The weather presented a certain chill that would reach deep to the bones of many, but some persisted on their journey to the summit. I, Jonathan Rager, aided fellow Ranger Lee at the Old Toll Road and was happy to have had the experience to converse and learn more about Lee and the park. The joy and beauty of parks that ties us all together is a similar passion, and that is the love of the land and nature. Fellow interpreter Stamati assisted with Mountain patrol. “I felt we really had to be on top of our game going into Columbus Day weekend and we were,” remarked Interpretive Ranger, Stamati Anagnostou.

One of the finest feelings as interpreters at Monadnock State Park is to hear the joy and fulfillment this mountain provides via the laughter of small children and adults after completing a first ascent. We also see the smiles of returning hikers enjoying this tradition and emotional connection to this mountain as they reach the bottom.

Minds that inquire about the culture, history, and flora and fauna of this mountain and leave knowing just a little bit more inspire us to continue our quest and thirst as interpreters to continue this legacy and wish the interpreters of next year much luck and enjoyment as they will provide you with quality interpretation and enhance your experience here at Monadnock State Park.

Whatever mountain you may climb, whatever path you may take, know that there is always a mountain that doesn’t judge rather encourages your respect and journeys no matter what season you may arrive. As we grasp the last pages with anticipation, we reach the back of this book, but this is only one of many volumes to be written by your hand, the staff, and future interpreters. The quill is ready to lace the pages of 2013, are you ready to write?

Jonathan’s Gems:

  1. The Staff: The staff at Monadnock State Park is warm and friendly and always willing to answer questions and aid your journey in discovering the story of the Grand Monadnock.
  2. Old Toll Road: Why not hike up the White Arrow Trail? A wonderful journey complimented by views from the Half Way House site! Do not be fooled however, this trek is certainly not easy. A common question is, “I want to know the easiest way up the mountain.”  While Monadnock is accessible, there is no tried and true, “easy way up the mountain.” Please plan accordingly and enjoy your hike.
  3. Frozen Donuts/Doughnuts: Depending on where you are from, frozen donuts provide a wonderful taste especially after administering bus talks or coming down the mountain from patrol! Thanks to staff member, Megan Wright, for this gem!
  4. You! Without your visitation, we wouldn’t have anyone to talk to or share stories with, so please, give yourself a pat on the back, and thank yourself for visiting and having a great hike at Monadnock State Park!
  5. Live Free of Die!: New Hampshire has provided many fun and exciting opportunities for Stamati and I. Monadnock State Park was certainly the “summit” of our experience. Thank you New Hampshire for these wonderful experiences!

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