It’s a great day to be at Bear Brook!

By Karlie Wilhelmi – Student Conservation Association’s NH AmeriCorps Member

After a rejuvenating weekend visiting my sister in New York, I came back to Bear Brook and fell into the usual routine. Something was different though, perhaps the hint of spring in the air.

While sitting on the front porch, I could hear the murmur of voices inside the lodge and a chorus of chirping birds outside. The sun was shining on my face and I felt calm and still.

The moss in the spring sunlight on the office roof.

Despite this – my grumpy (lack of sleep, hungry, missing being where I was this weekend) mind was telling me – ‘It’s not a good day to be living in Bear Brook.’ Winter had not yet released it’s grip on the landscape and I was not having it. So, after meeting up with the group, I went back to my cabin to write in my journal and let my mind wander.

A great view from the path to my cabin.

I thought about the dreary weather. Hey – it could be worse…we could be living in a tent. I had to remind myself – I’ve done that before – living in a tent while working in the rain. And you know what? I keep seeking it out – opportunities to be outside and volunteer.

Like a switch, my attitude changed. ‘It’s a great day to be at Bear Brook!’ Every day brings something different; birds change their tune and nature adapts to greet each season. Living in a State Park is a very unique experience that I may never have again! Having a massive forest as my backyard is something I have always craved. Here, there is endless exploration and trails at my fingertips.

A beautiful place I found along a trail at Bear Brook State Park.

Even if your front door doesn’t open onto acres of parkland – you can always find your own Bear Brook too. Just go outside, close your eyes and listen. Listen to the birds, be aware of the sun shinning on your nose and take it all in. Or, find the nearest NH State Park! With 93 properties across the state – there is bound to be a park within a short drive of your house.

It’s a great day to be at Bear Brook!

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