Franconia Notch Parking Safety

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Year after year, Franconia Notch is being recognized as one of the best state parks in America (most recently by Outside Magazine). In addition to natural wonders like the Flume Gorge, hikers are drawn here to climb Franconia Ridge for spectacular views of the White Mountain National Forest.

The popularity of Franconia Notch in attracting visitors has resulted in a parking challenge. Vehicles regularly overflow from the parking lots onto the shoulders of Interstate 93. In addition to being hazardous to both drivers and visitors getting in and out of their vehicles, parking on the interstate is illegal.

Cars parked along I-93 during Columbus Day Weekend, 2017.

The volume of vehicles has gotten to the point where an alternative needs to be found. In order to meet the needs of hikers, the State of New Hampshire is working with the White Mountains National Forest and other local partners to seek alternative parking options for the summer of 2018.

We are looking for public input to assist with possible solutions for the 2018 travel season. Please provide your feedback via this electronic survey.


Grant Klene

Digital Marketing Manager for New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation

2 thoughts to “Franconia Notch Parking Safety”

  1. Heard they’re are thoughts of a shuttle. It would be extremely nice if any shuttles were dog friendly for those of us that hike with our pets.

  2. Resources in Notch are already taxed with too much use.
    Vehicle overflow is getting worse and is a symptom. .
    Parking should be prohibited on parkway
    Once lot is full users should seek alternate objectives
    As a local resident I’m concerned also about significant safety issues stemming from parking on interstate

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