Hairy woodpecker on bump tree

Food Webs

When we study ecosystems, one important question is ‘what eats what?’ A food web is a great way to answer that question. In this video, students can learn about food webs and the producers, consumers, and decomposers that make them up, and then use their newfound knowledge to play an online food chain game or answer a Kahoot! quiz.

Materials for this lesson:


Discover Power of Parks SCA Interpreters

Discover the Power of Parks is presented by New Hampshire State Parks in collaboration with the Student Conservation Association and AmeriCorps and made possible by generous financial support from Eversource. The program offers a look into the natural world through hands-on programming. Interpretive programs focus on connecting participants with nature and building appreciation for New Hampshire's unmatched natural heritage. Programs include guided hikes, interpretive tours, and imaginative environmental workshops for children and families. Programs are offered free to guests with paid park admission fee. No pre-registration is required.

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