Don’t Miss the BIG Picture

Two Saturdays ago, I went hiking with NH State Park Bloggers Kate and Mike and our friend Tom and the best barking hiking partner ever Arie. The day was beyond spectacular. Our view stretched for probably about 80 miles, the air was cool and rejuvenating, our foot steps were confident and strong, and despite overflowing parking lots at the base, we felt like we had Mount Washington to ourselves on our assent.


The whole way up (and down) the mountain, all I could think of was how right-on Mike Pelchat was when he stated in his Monday blog post a couple weeks ago, “…Out of all these magnificent mountainous areas I have seen, the best place of all I have found is right here in the New Hampshire White Mountains.”


I get a feeling that is difficult to describe at that moment of realization when I notice that I radiate with a funky odor, my legs are caked with dirt, I have a perfect sweat-shadow under my backpack, and that bug spray is totally ineffective on black flies. In that moment, I stop moving and let my mind take a break from concentrating on each vigilant step and lift my head to take in what I have accomplished. It is almost as though I teleported up the mountain because sometimes you become so distracted by watching each step that you miss the big picture. At first, the only thought I have is ‘Whoa’ as I take it all in. I am immediately humbled and I become immensely grateful for what I have: my health, freedom, friends, family, and for being able to call New Hampshire home. You hear about people who live in cities and after a while they stop looking up. I couldn’t imagine that ever happening in the mountains.

Michele, NH State Parks blogger



Who in their right mind would sign up for a 200 mile race? That’s what the Reach the Beach Race relay organizers asked the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation when they generously offered the Division a relay team. Twelve crazy runners jumped at the opportunity. We may not be in the right mind, but we are always in the adventure mind! Our team name is the NH State Park Bloggers which means that we have blogging to do. We will keep you up-to-date with pictures and video using our new GoPro camera on our training progress throughout the summer and into the fall. We all agreed that we should use this opportunity to create awareness for a serious problem facing outdoor enthusiasts throughout the country; New Hampshire especially and that is Lyme Disease. We will do as much as we can throughout the summer to promote awareness, safety, prevention, and to work with Lyme Disease foundations to learn what more can do to make our woods safer.

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