Dashing Through The Snow

Let’s be honest, we all know that person who moans and groans when it snows saying how much they despise the wet, sometimes icy precipitation. I understand. Snow can be dangerous to drive in, bothersome to shovel over your head, and hard to stay warm in, but since we live in New England, we might as well accept it! I am the person who stares in awe at the beautiful white clusters falling from the sky as they transform landscapes into wonderlands.

Example: Before

Then, after!

Same road, different imagery!
Same road, different imagery!

I could not bare to stand looking at the freshly fallen snow any longer without jumping into it, so I grabbed some snowshoes from our shed, and went on the trails at Bear Brook State Park with a friend!

Try out snowshoeing for yourself! http://news.tubbssnowshoes.com/
Try out snowshoeing for yourself! http://news.tubbssnowshoes.com/

My friend, Emily and I walked up Campground Road a bit then went on a trail to bring us to Archery Pond. During the summer Archery Pond is normally occupied by fly-fishers standing waist deep in water for several hours at a time, but during the winter it remains untouched.


Archery Pond is fly-fishing only, with an archery course behind the pond.
Archery Pond is fly-fishing only, with an archery course behind the pond.

From here we went up Campground Road to Broken Boulder trail where we bumped into a couple XC-skiers who were enjoying the beautiful weather like us. We did not make first tracks on any trail, but they were in great condition to ski or snowshoe on.



After swinging around Smith Pond shelter, we found our way onto Bobcat trail that lead us to  Podunk after a ways. We stayed on the XC trails that are marked with a blue circle, so that we were out of the way from anyone snowmobiling.

Stay safe on the trails!
Stay safe on the trails!

During the winter, it is as if the snow brings a serenity to forest. Everything is quiet, but not in an eerie way. It is calming and peaceful, which is the best environment for getting away from anything that stresses you, or even just to burn off a few winter calories!



With the expected snow storms coming this week, you can do one of two things:

  1. Be upset that the snow is on the ground and shovel it away.
  2. Put on a pair of snowshoes and hit it as hard as you can with your feet on the trails!


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