Birding Throughout the Notch

Franconia Notch State Park is home to a wide variety of hawks, owls, and other birds.  Walking along Profile Lake you will usually notice a Great Blue Heron hanging out with the fly-fishers waiting for the opportune moment to steal a fish.

Great Blur Heron on Profile Lake

While hiking on Franconia Ridge you might be able to hear some Peregrine Falcons roosting on the cliff sides.  There are special regulations for rock climbers during the roosting months to ensure the falcons will not be disturbed.

(Peregrine Falcon on Cannon)
(Yellow Rumped Warbler on Cannon)

The Cannon Aerial Tramway at exit 34B, is a great easy way to get to the Cannon Mountain summit, which is a prime spot for birding enthusiasts.

(White Throated Sparrow at Cannon)

Cannon Mountain isn’t the only great spot to go birding in Franconia Notch! Nearby attractions like the Flume, Basin, Echo lake, Profile Lake, and Lafayette Place Campground are known bird habitiats as well.

(American Redstart at the Flume)
(Northern Parula at Echo Lake)
(Common Merganser at Echo Lake)

Echo and Profile Lake are also home to various species of water fowl, including the Wood Duck and the Common Merganser.

Echo Lake also has a population of Loons which are best known for their distinguishable calls.

(Loon at Echo Lake)

Look to the skies and you’ll often see hawks soaring over above you.

(Broadwing Hawks on Cannon)

Franconia Notch State Park is widely known for its beautiful mountains, stunning foliage, and cascading waterfalls, but sometimes our wildlife is overlooked.  Next time you’re in the Notch keep your eyes peeled for some of our majestic flying friends.

Migrating Greater Yellow Legs on Echo Lake
Migrating Greater Yellow Legs on Echo Lake

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  1. Tsk! ? I saw this article on Facebook. I have a photo of the cover bird and have always wanted to confirm what species it is, and yes, reading about the other birds is nice, but I REALLY wanted to know what the identity of the bird I shot. I read the entire article sroll to see the bird again at the end of the article only to see the bird is not mentioned! What’tha heck man! So unfair. Waaah haaah haaah.

    1. Sorry about that…forgot to caption the photo. That bird is a Migrating Greater Yellow legs (as seen on Echo Lake). Should be in the photo caption now.

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