Beautiful Bear Brook State Park!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few months here, it’s that whether you’re hiking, biking, or just hanging out by the pond, Bear Brook State Park sure is beautiful. The trails in the area lead you to some really glorious sights to see such as Bear Hill Pond. Sunsets on the pond are the most beautiful sunsets to see any time of year. During the winter, you can see the colors glisten off the icy cover of the pond and the snow. During the summer, the views are still spectacular but now include the symphony of birds in the background and the opportunity to swim on a hot summer’s day.

Sunset at Bear Hill Pond 12698561_10153913337999458_18403536558637414_o


Another great use of the park is spending time by Beaver Pond. It is always a refreshing way to cool off and you can rent a canoe to see the pond in its entirety. You can also hike the Beaver Pond trail to go all the way around the pond and see the beauty of the pond from every angle.

View from the Beaver Pond trail
Beaver Pond at dusk

It’s also a great place to go “ponding” and learn about the various organisms that live below the surface of the pond. There is so much below the surface, all you need to do is look.

Baby salamanders found in Beaver Pond
A baby catfish, called a fry, found in Beaver Pond

The beauty of Bear Brook isn’t just the numerous ponds in the area but also the trails through the dense wooded areas. Hiking alone through the trails of Bear Brook is extremely peaceful. You can hear birds singing and enjoy nature in its glory. Every twist and turn of the trail you will find something new to behold. There are plenty of Pink Lady Slippers and Bluets along the trails. You may even find the “Chicken of the Woods” along the way!

A Pink Lady Slipper, the NH state wildflower.
Chicken of the Woods!

The beauty of Bear Brook isn’t just from its scenic views or winding trails. The true beauty of Bear Brook lies in the many ways you can enjoy this wonderful place. Whether it’s hiking, biking, camping, swimming, or just enjoying nature in its prime, Bear Brook has so much to see and do. Come join me throughout the summer to explore the park!




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