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Monadnock Trails Report 01.10.13

Posted on by Patrick Hummel, Volunteer Program Coordinator


“I have been thinking more and more that I shall always be a lone wanderer of the wilderness. God, how the trail lures me. You cannot comprehend its resistless fascination for me.” – Everett Ruess


Winter is hanging on here at Monadnock, even as warmer weather starts to move in.


Grand Monadnock just after sunrise this morning, 01.10.13


Monadnock’s trails still have a reasonable snow base, but the depth is thinning. Snowshoes would not be all that helpful in most areas and X-C skiing should not be in your plans here for the time being.

Warmer temperatures and chance for rain Friday night and Sunday afternoon will do us no favors in fully keeping the snow we received in December.


A view off of the White Cross Trail. Photo by Patrick Hummel

Hikers can expect a variety of conditions on Monadnock’s trails, depending on the day, time of day, and trail for their hike. Overall, hikers should still dress in layers and carry lighter forms of spiked traction for their boots in addition to adequate food, water, and a headlamp. Remember, your smartphone is not a flashlight!

The summit is a mix of bare rock, snow, and ice (sound familiar?), although there will be some melting and a run off at times in the next few days.

Hopefully, this snow won’t completely disappear. Photo by Patrick Hummel

The Friday Quiz

The trail on Grand Monadnock’s northwest slopes dates back to at least 1840 and may be even older. Now known as the Dublin Trail, it was previously known by two different names. What other two names was this trail known by? We’ll have the correct answer for you here next week…


Hang on, Old Man Winter! Melting Snowman sculpture at Monadnock HQ by John S. Photo by Patrick Hummel.

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About Patrick Hummel, Volunteer Program Coordinator

My name is Patrick Hummel and I am the NH State Parks Volunteer Program Coordinator. I work statewide supporting invidivual volunteers, Friends groups, Trails groups, and community orgainizations in our State Parks. Previously, I was the 8th Park Manager in Monadnock State Park’s history. I grew up in Jaffrey, in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock, establishing a fascination with the mountain at the age of 6. I enjoy hiking, photography, and traveling. I also enjoy non-fiction reading (mostly), Civil War history, and have come to the acceptance that I will never be the starting first baseman for the New York Mets. I am also an avid music fan with a former career in radio and tour management. I now live at the doorstep to the White Mountains. View all posts by Patrick Hummel, Volunteer Program Coordinator →
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