A few weeks ago an image of a pair of ice climbers on the NH State Parks facebook page grabbed my attention, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about all of that ice. At the first chance I got, I packed up my gear and headed out to Franconia Notch State Park.

Luckily I got what I was looking for: fresh snow and lost of ice!

I loved the river falling over this wide bank of smooth red rock. It reminded me of the sculpted rock formations back home in AZ, though definitely a colder version.

As we pushed on to the falls, more and more green was working its way out of the snow.


Finally: the falls!

I recently got a hold of some new flash gels , so my secret agenda for this trip was to test them out on the ice. Think back to the days of astronomy class when you wrapped your flashlight in red cellophane so the light wouldn’t ruin your night vision. Flash gels work the same way, but we’re not limited to red anymore!

A rule of mine is to always look back as you’re leaving a trail. You might miss something spectacular happening just behind you. On this trip especially, I was really glad for that rule.

This last image just gave me a good laugh. As we were heading back out to our car I noticed this lonely telephone booth sitting in the middle of the forest.

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One thought on “Franconia Notch: The Flume Gorge

  1. It is as beautiful now as it is in August! Wish I were there. Thanks for bringing me there, (at least on my laptop here in chilly Philadelphia).

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